Over the holiday weekend, a cyber-criminal organization known as REvil, launched a ransomware attack on a cybersecurity company, Kaseya. Kaseya is a cloud-based MSP platform that allows Managed IT Service Providers tools to be able to monitor the state of their customers’ PCs, as well as manage updates. Kaseya is one of many companies that provide tools to Managed IT Service Providers.

Of the nearly 30 tools Kaseya provides to the MSP market, only one, Kaseya VSA, was compromised.

Once irregularities in the system were noticed Friday, July 2nd, 2021, Kaseya worked with partners in the industry and clients to gather information and shut down their VSA servers to prevent any further damage. More Information about Kaseya Attack

Originally published at https://www.ctgmanagedit.com on July 6, 2021.

The dark web is different than the World Wide Web we access everyday. We are used to using browsers such as mobile browsers on our phones, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. The dark web can only be accessed by a specific browser, known as Tor. Instead of .com, .gov, or .org like we are used to seeing, sites on the dark web use .onion.

There is no search engines (Google, BING) on the dark web either, so sites can only be accessed directly. Because the dark web was created for anonymity and privacy by the United States Navy in 2002, the websites on the dark web change often, and it’s the perfect place for criminals.

Originally published at https://www.ctgmanagedit.com on May 17, 2021.

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